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I Get to Serve

Lover of God and people, neighbor in  SE Washington, DC, connoisseur of christian hip-hop, grateful servant.

My life of service started in the Bahamian Straw Market at the age of 6. Since then I've had the opportunity to be of service in many ways. I served my mother as a teen while she battled breast cancer. I served many as a hotel manager. I served professionals as a conference registration manager. I served a big city mayor as a scheduler and event planner. I  served 2000 of my neighbors as their elected neighborhood commissioner.


Now, I get to serve the residents of the District of Columbia  as a Special Assistant at the Department of Parks and Recreation, my  Anacostia River Church family  as Deaconess of Community Development, my fellow Bahamians in the DMV as Vice Chair of Membership at BAAWMAR and  my neighbors in the fight against racial injustice as Co-starter of Faith + Works DC.


I attended Morgan State University and then the University of Central Florida where I focused my undergraduate and graduate studies on Hospitality and Tourism Management.  I enjoy theater, history , crocheting and my spades game is on point. I'm one of ten siblings and  I'm the favorite aunt to ten nephews and six nieces. 

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