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Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Site Map Martha’s Table Devlopment

Martha’s Table Phase 2 - “Stanton Square”

Address: Pomeroy and Stanton Rd, SE

Developer: Horning Brothers, in partnership with Martha’s Table and Community of Hope

Timeline:  Target construction start April 2019.  Completion December 2020

General Contractor: Hamel Builders

Apartment Units:    59   1 bedrooms

                              59    2 bedrooms

                              3      3 bedrooms

42 townhomes

The “Stanton Square” project represents a collaborative project by Horning Brothers, the Horning Family Fund, Martha’s Table and Community of Hope that will comprise a mixed income housing development, including both rental and for-sale units, along with a non-profit Community Service Campus.

Phase 2 include the 5-acre lower portion, proposed as a residential development, to be known as Stanton Square, including 3 apartment buildings and 42 townhomes. The 42 for-sale townhouses will be designed by Torti Gallas.

The multifamily buildings would be comprised of 120 apartment units. Twelve of those units would be assigned as permanent supportive housing units. One-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units would be 670 sf, 1,010 sf and 1,340 sf respectively. Five percent of units would be assigned to residents earning up to 50% AMI and another 5% at no more than 80% AMI, consistent with the IZ program. The remaining units would be assigned to residents earning up to 60% AMI for 40 years.

The 42 townhomes would be three-bedroom homes, with 10% of homes (5 units) assigned as IZ units for families earning 50% to 80% AMI. The townhomes’ façade would be composed of brick and other materials similar to the apartment buildings.

More project information

More information on Horning Brothers, Community of Hope and Martha’s Table

Information compiled by Dave Johnson

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