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Hanna's Favorite Things 2022

For all of 2022 I was going through Cancer Treatment. To say it was a hard year would be an understatement. But in God's grace I've found much to be grateful for.

10. Streaming Services- Shout out to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and especially Frndly for keeping me company this year.

9. Zoom Special Occasions- Grateful to be apart of moments I had to miss in a small way.

8. Head wraps- Helped ease the transition and added a little flair.

7. Skilled Doctors- Thank you Dr. Rizzo, Dr. Cocilovo and Dr. Nahabidian for your care for me this year.

6. Going Home- This year marked the 20th Anniversary of my mom's passing an occasion I wanted to mark in no place but Nassau. Glad I got the opportunity to go home.

5. Caring Bridge- Glad for a place to mark my journey.

4. Community- Grateful for how family and friends rallied around me to show love and support in practical ways.

3. Oncology Nurses- Incredibly grateful for the care my nurses showed for me, especially Barbara Nolan.

2. Sarah- It meant the world to me that my sister would come and take care of me for a month as I recovered from surgery. Love you Sis.

1. Joy- Was my word for 2022, although I didn't always feel it, it was ever present. Grateful for a God who gives joy even during the toughest of journeys.


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