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Statement on the Opening of Starbucks First Standalone Location East of the Anacostia River

Anacostia, DC: The opening of Starbucks today is an important step in erasing the redline that has for too long defined our neighborhood. It's not just important because of the actual jobs that have and will be created, but the store will serve as a physical reminder to anyone who drives down MLK Avenue SE that Anacostia is open for community serving, quality of life enriching, business. For better or worse Starbucks has become a staple in every community in America, and the absents of something that is near ubiquitous in every other part of this city, spoke volumes to me in my neighbors about who others think we are and what they think we deserve. I am hopeful that the District’s and Starbucks choice to invest in Anacostia is an indication of more community focused investment to come.



Hanna Baker

Commissioner 8A07

Secretary ANC8A

Economic Development Liaison ANC8A


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