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Conversations on Blessing the Block

This summer I had the honor of executive producing and hosting a six part virtual conversation series on behalf of Anacostia River Church entitled, "Conversations on Blessing the Block." The discussion series focused on community issues through the lens of the directives to the exile community found in the biblical book of Jeremiah chapter 29 verses 4 to 9, and brought together community practitioners to discuss the unique complexities of topics as they play out in the Anacostia neighborhood of Southeast Washington DC .

It was a joy to bring together friends and neighbors, not profits and the church to discuss matters of mutual importance such as housing production, food security and family formation. A description of each session can be found below along with a link to each episode.

  • Session 1: Our Place of Exile- A conversation focused on the history and culture of Anacostia.

  • Session 2: Build Houses and Live in Them - A conversation focused on housing patterns, development, and trends in Southeast Washington, DC.

  • Session 3: Plant Gardens and Eat from Them - A conversation focused on efforts and trends in food production and provision in Southeast Washington, DC.

  • Session 4: Marry and Have Children - A conversation focused on family formation and support efforts in Southeast Washington, DC.

  • Session 5: Seek the Welfare of the City - A conversation focused on major issues that affect quality of life in Southeast Washington, DC.

  • Session 6: Do Not Be Deceived - A conversation focused on how the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ can impact the lies prevalent in Southeast Washington, DC.


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